If you want to help a stage 4 metastatic cancer patient or one suffering from a brain tumor,

please pay attention to what TRIAL•IN Pharma offers:

TRIAL•IN Pharma scours the globe for the most innovative and advanced treatments which best match a patient’s unique medical condition and history. Once a treatment is chosen from TRIAL•IN Pharma’s personally matched treatment report, TRIAL•IN Pharma closely supports the patient in the process of accessing it.

How do they carry out this mission?

  • TRIAL•IN Pharma has developed a unique model in which worldwide advanced breakthrough treatments are personally process and matched with the patient’s medical data.
  • TRIAL•IN Pharma’s senior medical oncologists gather, analyze and screen the extensive medical information according to the patient’s unique medical history.
  • The patient and treating oncologist receive TRIAL•IN Pharma’s report that lists the best matched additional treatments for the patient and together they choose the highest prospective treatment.
  • TRIAL•IN Pharma closely and professionally accompanies the patient in the stages of accessing the selected treatment.

The process:

  1. Patient sends a request with preliminary needed information for a free of charge evaluation for TRIAL•IN Pharma services.
  2. After reviewing the preliminary information, TRIAL•IN Pharma sends back the patient an approval or refusal
  3. If the case is approved,
  • The patient is asked to complete medical documents from the medical records including: last visit summary to the treating oncologist, imaging scans, blood tests, pathology reports and other relevant information.
  • The patient and TRIAL•IN Pharma sign a contract.
  • Patient transfers the fee for the service.
  • TRIAL•IN Pharma processes the medical data and scours the world for clinical trials and compassionate cancer drugs.
  • Patient and treating oncologist receive TRIAL•IN Pharma report.
  • Patient gets professional support in accessing a selected treatment.
  • TRIAL•IN Pharma follows-up on the patient’s progress.

The real hope lies in research; these are the treatments of the future and you can save lives today. TRIAL•IN Pharma is your gateway to these state of the art treatments.

DISCLAIMER: TRIAL•IN Pharma Ltd. does not provide any medical care and is not responsible for any medical care or treatment. The patient’s physician(s) is (are) solely responsible for the medical treatment and care of the patient. TRIAL•IN Pharma Limited does not provide treatment recommendations. TRIAL•IN Pharma Limited does not make the actual selection of treatment plan – this is performed by both patient and oncologist only.

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